What is e-Casework?
e-Casework is a tool designed for local authorities to help their councillors and officers keep on top of their casework. e-Casework does this by being simple and straight forward to use in it's interface, and also by being fast for the user, unburdening them of having to record unnecessary clutter.
Benefits & features of e-Casework
  • Increase quality and speed of responses to councillors
  • Manages time spent on casework making sure the right cases are dealt with first
  • Fully managed and supported by our dedicated support team
  • Keeps all case information together in one place
  • Contact groups of constituents with similar interest areas
  • Benchmarking departmental effectiveness in dealing with casework
  • Rapid data entry - do casework on the move from anywhere with an internet connection
  • No more complicated to use than email!

Organise - e-Casework's diary screen lets you see at a glance casework which you have assigned to other people, casework which is waiting on you, and casework which is complete.

Communicate - e-Casework has a hugely powerful search that allows you to pinpoint single cases or groups of clients who have written in about a particular issue. These results can be downloaded and used to create mailing lists of groups of citizens with similar interests.

Monitor - e-Casework has inbuilt features such as graphs to help you identify potential casework hold-ups and 'black holes'. Never wait for a response beyond the due date again!

Respond - With all the information pertaining to a case gathered centrally officers and councillors are empowered with knowledge to deliver great responses to customers.


Get some support

How do I.... questions

If you need a hand operating e-Casework then the quickest and easiest thing to do is email
support@e-Casework.org or visit the help section after logging in.

Got a suggestion? Think we've missed something?
Why not email the support team then? support@e-Casework.org

Sales enquiries
Great! Get in touch with Steve Messer then. There's no time to waste steve@ecasework.com

System status updates

A brand new eCasework
Posted: 03/08/2015 15:34
With over a decade's service under our belt, we're rebuilding eCasework to be better and more efficient than before. Sign up to our mailing list to hear more news, or follow us on Twitter.

Planned downtime/maintanence
Posted: 12/04/2010 15:41
We are taking the whole site down for around 30 minutes tonight to make some database updates and generally make things a little faster. The maintainance window is 03:00-03:30 GMT.

New Features!
Posted: 07/05/2010 12:41
Two new features have been added. Automatic letter generation allows you to fire off templated letters to customers, and a new customer URL allows customers to follow the progress of the case around the authority.

e-Casework is a product of Porism Ltd.